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Transforming Lives Through Meaningful Impact

Sharp inequalities in access to advanced therapies have denied the benefits of progress in medical science to almost a third of the world’s population. Hefty price tags on lifesaving drugs have created unbearable financial burden for patients in most of the world. Inadequate research spending has led to a fragile medical innovation ecosystem with serious repercussions on global preparedness for health emergencies.

COVID-19 served as a wake-up call for the global pharmaceutical sector, forcing the community to rapidly innovate and rethink ways of improving access to essential, lifesaving medicines.

Biosimilars can Improve Patient Access to Quality Medicines

Biologics represent the cutting-edge of biomedical research, and biosimilars present an enormous opportunity to provide affordable access to these advanced therapies. Biosimilars are intended to increase patients’ access to biologics as they are priced lower than branded, novel biologics and may further lead to the competitive pricing of the original biologic.

Biosimilars can ensure a greater and more equitable access to biologic therapies and to healthcare generally. Biosimilars are projected to generate US$290 billion in savings around the world through 2027, according to IQVIA’s Global Use of Medicines Report for 2023.

Biocon Biologics is today one of the frontrunners in the global biosimilars industry, working to provide patients access to affordable biologics and enable health equity worldwide.

Driven by a Purpose to Address Unmet Needs for Affordable Biologics

Biocon Biologics is driven by a strong sense of purpose and the unwavering commitment to serve patients and healthcare systems across the globe by unlocking equitable access to high quality biosimilars.

Healthcare systems across the world are skewed towards serving the affluent, denying access to many. Biocon Biologics is challenging the status quo by putting ‘patients first’ to make a long-term social impact worldwide.

We are leveraging our affordable innovation model to reduce disparities in access to safe, high-quality medicines, as well as improve patient outcomes and provide global communities with differentiated, high-quality and affordable healthcare solutions.

Our business model seeks to make biologic therapies affordable, accessible and available to all, thereby benefiting patients and their families across the world.

Our roadmap for the future is to enable a healthier world.

vision Biocon Biologics


Our vision is to be a global leader in biologics, delivering affordable access to innovative and inclusive healthcare solutions, transforming patients’ lives.

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Value creation through innovation and differentiation

Quality through compliance and best practices

Collaboration teamwork and mutual respect

Integrity and ethical behaviour

Performance-driven work culture

Our Biosimilars Journey

Poised to Make a Meaningful Difference

Biocon Biologics’ relentless strategic intent to stand out and stand apart has steered us into new growth paths, which include the landmark acquisition of the global biosimilars business of our long-term partner Viatris for over USD 3 billion in cash and stock. It is one of the biggest M&A deals in the Indian pharma space, and a historic inflection point in Biocon Biologics’ value creation journey.

This acquisition is a game changing event that catapults Biocon Biologics into the big league – a unique, fully integrated leading global biosimilars company.

By combining the complementary capabilities and strengths of two long-term partners, we are leveraging THE POWER OF ONE to reduce healthcare inequities and transform healthcare, worldwide.

A Partner of Choice

Biocon Biologics has a proven track record of scientific capabilities, large scale manufacturing capacities and a strong supply & distribution network in compliance with the highest standards of quality and governance. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and compliance in our relentless pursuit to make a real difference. We are lowering treatment costs and improving healthcare outcomes whilst delivering shareholder value and on the business objectives.

Passion to Impact Global Health

Our passion to impact global healthcare has led us to build a diverse portfolio of products straddling monoclonal antibodies and other conjugated recombinant proteins for cancer and autoimmune diseases, as well as human insulin and insulin analogs for diabetes.

We are leveraging our advanced science, global scale and our long experience in biopharmaceuticals to develop and manufacture high-quality biosimilars for a global patient population.

Enabling Equitable Access to Affordable Healthcare
Our Global Scale Capabilities

Protecting the Health of our Planet

While pursuing our purpose of using biotechnology to develop therapies that heal the world, Biocon Biologics is equally concerned about the health of our planet and the deteriorating ecological balance.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we have designed our operations to enable environmental sustainability with a low carbon footprint while ensuring maximum recycling of wastewater and the use of green power.

Supporting environmental and health equity is our commitment to diversity and inclusion at the workplace. We have consistently endeavored to create a collaborative and empowering work culture, when building businesses that make a meaningful social impact.

We have established globally benchmarked standards of governance to build an environment of trust, transparency and accountability necessary for fostering long-term investment, financial stability and business integrity, thereby supporting a stronger growth and more inclusive societies.