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Biocon Biologics believes in harnessing the power of strategic partnerships and collaborations to pursue the kind of innovations needed to attain the dream of ensuring equitable healthcare worldwide. While we have developed in-house R&D strengths to deliver cutting-edge science, we have also built strategic global partnerships of a symbiotic nature that allow us to share risks, lower costs, maximize our efficiencies, expedite development and expand our reach.

This collaborative approach has helped us expand access to essential medicines globally.

We are Transforming Healthcare. Transforming Lives!

Biocon Biologics is a unique, fully integrated leading global biosimilars player with established capabilities in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of high-quality biosimilars. Our 40-year legacy of being on the cutting edge of science has enabled us to simultaneously build global scale with a competitive cost structure. With a comprehensive portfolio of biosimilars, Biocon Biologics is transforming healthcare, transforming lives.


We partnered with Sandoz, a division of Novartis, in 2018 for the development of next-generation biosimilars’ portfolio for immunology and oncology. This synergistic, global partnership with Sandoz prepares us for the next wave of biosimilar opportunities that are opening up. This partnership is structured on an equal economic share with Biocon Biologics having increased the rights in developed markets and exclusive rights in most emerging markets. The responsibility for development, manufacturing and ownership of the marketing authorizations is shared between the partners.

Serum Institute Life Sciences

The vaccines and antibodies for infectious diseases are a natural adjacency to Biocon Biologics’ existing capabilities in biologics for non-communicable diseases. The strong synergies between our existing capabilities and the evolving demand for biologics or vaccines against infectious diseases, led Biocon Biologics to enter a strategic alliance with the Serum Institute Life Sciences (SILS) for vaccines and infectious disease antibodies in September 2021.

Commercial Partnerships

Biocon Biologics has expanded its commercial footprint globally through a hybrid model, wherein it has a direct commercial presence in some countries and leverages regional partners in others.

Our Brand Story

BBL’s brand stories recount the series of events that sparked its inception and narrates how the company is today poised to build global leadership by unlocking equitable access to lifesaving biosimilars in emerging and advanced markets and meeting varied patients’ needs through its comprehensive portfolio.

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