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Biocon Biologics has one of the deepest portfolios of biosimilars in the industry, spanning across insulin, monoclonal antibodies and conjugated recombinant proteins. Our long-term investments in R&D have yielded several molecules in diabetes, oncology, immunology, ophthalmology and bone health of which eight have been already commercialized in markets globally.

Therapy Area Oncology Immunology Ophthalmology Bone Health Diabetes Others
Approved or Commercial bPegfilgrastim
bGlargine U100
Late Stage1 bDenosumab
bUstekinumab bAflibercept bDenosumab
Early Stage2 2 undisclosed assets 3 undisclosed assets bGlargine U300 2 undisclosed assets

1 Clinical to BLA Review;  2 Pre-Clinical

Our Global Scale Capabilities

Biocon Biologics offers one of the industry’s widest and deepest biosimilars portfolios, including monoclonal antibodies, insulin and insulin analogs and conjugated recombinant proteins. We have built cutting-edge R&D capabilities and created global-scale manufacturing capacities for insulins and antibodies that meet the most stringent of regulatory norms. Our commercial footprint for biosimilars stretches to over 100 countries.

Setting New Benchmarks for Worldwide Biosimilars Industry

Biocon Biologics has achieved many global ‘firsts’ and set new benchmarks for the global biosimilars industry. In July 2021, we were the first to get an interchangeable designation for our biosimilar Insulin Glargine (Semglee) from the U.S. FDA. This is a testament to the Company’s scientific excellence and robust quality comparability data.

We were also the first company to receive U.S. FDA approvals for biosimilar Trastuzumab in 2017 and biosimilar Pegfilgrastim in 2018.

Biocon Biologics and Viatris Inc. Receive Historic Approval for First Interchangeable Biosimilar Semglee@ (insulin glargine-yfgn injection) for the Treatment of Diabetes

Scientific Publications

Biocon Biologics has always valued and cherished its role in being part of a rich scientific ecosystem. BBL’s scientists are encouraged to be creative and active members of the scientific community. We are proud to feature in key scientific publications and peer-reviewed journals, thus providing scientifically accurate, fair, and well-balanced publications to the larger scientific community.

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